20 July 2008

New Start!

Lately I've been drinking peppermint tea and it is so refreshing! It's cooling and apparently good for digestion. I don't have any digestive problems, but it's supposed to support natural detox.

Detox is definitely a big trend right now in the health and wellness industry, but I haven't found a definitive system yet - some companies hawk their pills and teas, some are all about dry skin brushing and saunas, some are about foot baths and massage - still others about colonics, natural diets and fasting.

The idea of the body healing itself is an interesting one - one that I've come across recently both as it relates to detoxing and in the book Skinny Bitch...

I liked that book b/c they really opened my eyes about a lot of problems in the American food system. I have always been aware of the poorly treated animals and things, and have considered going vegetarian, but I never really realized that the poor cows that give us milk and the chickens that give us eggs also endure terrific agonies as well. I sort of just figured that if the product wasn't at one point sentient, it was okay. Well, I wasn't looking far enough into the situation.

Anyways, I would like to come up with a health and socially conscious way of eating that is actually doable. It's hard to sustain a vegan diet on a low budget and it's even harder when I don't plan in advance where, what and how I'm going to eat.


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