01 July 2009

"World's Most Stylist Cities" according to Forbes

Here's a piece of an article written in Forbes detailing the world's most stylist cities. (Los Angeles was deemed #6.)

"Why the rush of talent flowing out of Los Angeles? The same could be said of all the other cities on the list, actually. Style-conscious cities, in general, benefit from the disruptive innovation a financial downturn often conjures. While the recession has undoubtedly hurt all of these cities' economies, it's also allowed creative types to take chances and chase their dreams simply because there's less to lose.
What's bad for the economy, it seems, is good for style. And every city on the list--whether it's geared more toward architecture, fashion, or product design--has something the Parisians understand better than anyone: je ne sais quoi."

This falls in line with the idea behind 'creative as savior' that I mention in "Detroit, the new Brooklyn?". Creative-type/Creator creates Something where there once was nothing. Artist conceives design that attracts attention, attention begets buzz, buzz generates revenue, revenue attracts other artists, and the process continues and evolves, constantly filling vacuums.

If a void (absence of money, restrictions, occupation) paradoxically creates space for Creation, this is good news for our economy. If artists are the creators who renew society and generate intellectual and economic momentum, then there is all the more reason to fund the Arts.

Here's the complete list:

10. Barcelona
9. San Francisco
8. Madrid
7. Tokyo
6. Los Angeles
5. Rome
4. London
3. New York
2. Milan
1. Paris


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