31 March 2010

April is Scriptwriting Month

The people who bring you National Novel Writing Month every November present Script Frenzy - a challenge to write 100 pages in 30 days. Goaded on and rah-rahed by Jennifer Arzt, Script Frenzy's program director, writers find support on the website, which offers would-be screenwriters tips, an itinerary and even a packing list. The month kicks off tonight at midnight, with thousands around the world participating. Los Angeles boasts the largest constituency of participants, with over 1,000 committed to the challenge. Screenwriters all over the Los Angeles area are preparing for a month of little sleep and lots of coffee. Many have planned "write-ins" at various cafes and coffee shops across town and are planning to meet up with other fellow writers in a spirit of camaraderie. With mere minutes to go to kick-off - and a late-start deadline of April 5th, it's not too late for YOU to sign up! Writers who are looking for a 24-hour space to get some serious typing in should check out Santa Monica's The Writer's Junction, which opened only last month.


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