30 May 2007

"The Kings" are King

Some things I'm interested in right now:

Dan Flavin at LACMA. I studied this artist in my Contemporary art history class at Notre Dame and loved the simplicity of his light sculptures. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is exhibiting a retrospective now through August, I believe. I definitely want to check this out. http://www.lacma.org/art/ExhibFlavin.aspx

Mandy Moore's new album. Though I'm not a fan of her previous work, I have heard that she collaborated with Rachael Yamagata on this album, and I'm intrigued.

The Kings of Leon, especially their new album Because of the Times. It's awesome. I can't get enough. Favorite tracks: On Call, the Runner, Knocked Up, Arizona, Black Thumbnail. The first three are so powerful and Caleb's voice is very transportive. Black Thumbnail is rough and wild. Off their previous albums I enjoy: Molly's Chambers, Wasted Time, Milk, Soft, the Bucket, King of the Rodeo, Trani, & California Waiting. Good British video interviews of Caleb Folowill are somewhere on the web. I'll try to post a link.

Kite surfing. Kites + surfing = whimsical exhilaration.

Surfing with a paddle? Saw this at the beach the other day. Looks very Polynesian. Probably trickier than they made it seem.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea. So refreshing! I love this brewed with boiling hot water and then poured over ice. A great summer sipper. http://www.stashtea.com/index.shtml (
I noticed that How's Market carries just about every flavor of Stash Tea, including organic varieties, except the Moroccan Mint! I'll speak to them about this.)

The color lavender. I painted my toes lavender and I'm liking a dusty shade of violet on my eye lids. It looks good with a fresh bit of sun on your skin.

Elizabeth Gilbert. I read her book Eat, Pray, Love over Christmas break and it was stunningly beautiful. She's coming to Diesel June 10th, I believe. I'll be sure to be there.

W. Somerset Maugham. I read the Moon & Sixpence and adored the tight writing and the descriptive characterization. Saw the Painted Veil on the plane ride home last week and thoroughly enjoyed the love story. Moving performance by Ed Norton. Naomi Watts was great, as well. I've picked up the Razor's Edge and am finding it a pleasant, thought-provoking read. Brilliant writer.

Horizon plain yogurt with PomWonderful pomegranate juice spritzed in. Delicious!

Old Navy's summer palette. Lots of deep colors that are exotic rather than suburban. Bravo! I'm loving my new striped shorts and wine-colored bikini.

Green cars. That's eco-friendly, not grassy. I'm in the market for a car, and I am looking at the options available to me. Too bad they don't sell those tiny European cars here in the States... I don't really like the look of them that much, but they certainly do save on energy. I'm thinking I'd prefer shiny white paint with lots of chrome and a camel-colored interior.

Malibu Yogurt. A bit overpriced, but a fun splurge now and then with my brother and sister. I had the vanilla with strawberries and it was delish! Too bad they don't take credit cards. I am so bad about carrying cash.


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