31 May 2007


So, bamboo is the newest fiber of choice for those with aspirations toward green living. Apparently there are a lot of good things about it, none of which I knew until now:

  1. it's renewable and sustainable
  2. it's naturally resistant to bacteria, which means no pesticides --heck yes, organic!
  3. it's breathable and cool as a fiber
  4. it's anti-bacterial which means it doesn't need to be treated during manufactuing --> no harmful irritants
  5. it's versatile as a material and can be used as food, shelter, fuel and, evidently, clothing

I'm not sure how many companies are utilizing the material, but one called Panda Snack (get it? Panda's eat bamboo...) has started an environmentally conscious line of clothing that seems fairly fashionable. The image above is from their website. http://pandasnack.com/ Pieces from the summer collection are sold at many locations throughout Los Angeles.
Hopefully more companies with incorporate this fiber into their repertoire.


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