05 June 2007

Miss Possibility

I was reading my DailyCandy in my Inbox yesterday and came across Jenna Phillips, the fitness intructor who is offering Spinning, Pilates and other classes all across L.A. She now holds fitness classes at the beach called Mission: Possible.

I checked out her website and subscribed to her e-mail list, and I totally want to join one of her classes. She seems really sweet and a great motivator, but also super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I definitely want to sign up for one of her classes, and hopefully try some of the foods and restaurants she recommends on her site. http://www.jennaphillips.com/

She is pretty young, only a couple years older than me, and I'm truly inspired by her determination to beat diabetes and improve her overall health. She relies only on holistic healing methods and hasn't had a cold in years. I would like to model my own fitness life after hers - she is in great shape and she looks fantastic!

To sign up for her Mission Possible workouts, one only need send her an email, though she recommends signing up a week in advance as space is limited to 10.


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