27 February 2009

Food/Freshie places I want to check out

So far my list of places to check out includes:

1. Ice Pan, West Hollywood | www.icepanusa.com
Review: Amazing! You get to pick the type of "milk" it's made from... whether it's whole, 2%, non-fat or soy. Then you get to pick the flavor and what toppings/add-ins you want. On my first visit, which was very pleasant (1st hour free parking in the lot off of SM Blvd. in Weho), I had banana flavored soy milk with almond slivers and chocolate chips. As they were making it, the nice girl at the counter offered to add fresh strawberries (I accepted) and even chocolate or carmel syrup on top (I passed) for free! Not only was it soooo tasty, it's actually good for you, too! I wish there was a location on the Westside... though it is definitely worth the drive. :) Thanks to Jenna Phillips for recommending!

2. Funnel Mill, Santa Monica | www.funnelmill.com
Haven't been yet, but I looove tea and I always like to try new kinds. Thanks to GreenLAgirl for recommending!

3. Bubalus Bubalis Mozzarella, Gardena | www.realmozzarella.com
Have been meaning to check this place out! It's the only factory that makes Buffalo Mozzarella in the United States! I believe it's sold at various stores and restaurants, but I kind of want to check out the factory... I wonder if it's open to tours. Rather inconveniently though, I have given up dairy for Lent.... partially for Lent and partially to see whether I have a food allergy (I'm a bad Catholic). But - I wonder if buffalo milk counts as dairy? Does goat milk? What's the concensus here?

4. Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery, Santa Monica | www.huckleberrycafe.com
This place JUST opened and it sounds wonderfully fabulous! Can't wait to try all their delicious pastries. Thanks to Tiffany Stone for reminding me to check it out... and Daily Candy!


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