30 June 2009

Ode to Cheese

Went to Andrew's Cheese Shop on Montana yesterday for the first time, and fell in love. Both Andrew and his many cheeses are so delightful, and I'll be going back soon!

I got some cheese to go with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon I had and those chocolate caramels with the salt on top. I think they are made in Seattle. Anyway, the cheese is of the Langres variety and here's what the little notecard Andrew gave me reads:

"Very rare washed-rind cow's milk cheese from Champagne, France. Pretty flavors of fried eggs and butter. Dump some Champagne into the concave top before you eat this cheese if you want to freak out."

Ah, who doesn't want to 'freak out' over cheese?! Andrew is a doll - he even makes his own mozzarella. I'll be going back for some of that...

Today I was running errands for work around Cedars and stopped into Petrossian for lunch. I've been meaning to go there for a while now, and knew the minute I took a look at the menu that I was in heaven - I ordered the 321 Salad with smoked salmon, avocados and burrata. Splendid!! Savored every bite. Kind of pricey, but so worth it. It felt so decadent for lunch, especially when a chocolate truffle preceded the bill.

Los Angeles, I love you.


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