20 May 2009

Musings After An Evening Around Town

1. Sooo many young people live in that area where Santa Monica, L.A. and Brentwood come together... and so many of them are good-looking young guys! Whereas many young guys also live in Santa Monica, they aren't as easy to spot out and about.

2. Shockingly little traffic on the way to downtown AFTER the Laker game.... and surprisingly, not everyone downtown is even aware there is a game going on.... I predict this phenomenon won't last much longer... people are going to want to hang out in downtown after the games, and I'm sure smart restaurant and bar owners will take advantage of the opportunity.

3. Bottega Louie is GORGEOUS. It's got so much open space (above your head) and the interior is so pristinely white and gold that is just gives off a gleaming, regal quality... and the victuals! So many goodies to choose from... hand-bottled pasta sauces, premium hot chocolate powder, Irish butter, pastries..... I had a gin gimlet with cucumber and the spaghetti Bolognese..... both very good! Friendly wait-staff, as well.

4. To be continued...


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