17 May 2009

Regent Theater

I keep falling even more in love with Downtown!

Went to MOCA Thursday to help with a special young alumni group initiative they're starting (ask me about special discount membership to MOCA) which began with a tour of Dan Graham's Beyond, and then the DT Art Walk.

Happy to see soo many people out and about for the walk! Only really stopped into Deborah Martin's gallery, which was packed! Even had a band playing and a bar set up. Jammed with people - it was so hot. Couple cool leather and jewelry vendors set up, too. Bumped into a guy who agrees that the Crocker Club would be amazing if only the owner would go back to West Hollywood. Then ran into the bohemian parents of one of my middle school friends... who were checking out our high school photography teacher's show at the Museum of Neon Art.

Met up with my friend at Little Radio (after managing to slip into the Regent Theater for a quick listen to some crazy dancing/drum beats). We headed over to Varnish (you're surprised?) to see our favorite bartender and have some Eastsides.... and he introduced us to the Angel Face. Though I don't remember leaving, I do know we went back to Regent to catch Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. What a fun troupe!! My friend went to school with the accordion player, but if I hadn't known that, I could have totally believed they were a gypsy circus of players from the early 70s transported in space and time.... such a fun show! I counted I think 11 players on stage. And the Regent! How lovely it's become - gone are the concrete floors and how welcome are the red carpet draperies and the newly carpeted floor. It's by no means gorgeous, but I like that they've spruced it up. It is such a great little venue!

Ended the night with my first overnight at The Standard.... and the decision that I need to start saving for a personal chauffeur. Ha! My cab from the hotel to where my car was parked at Disney Concert Hall was $5.... if that was half a mile... what would it have cost the whole way home? Lord.


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