18 May 2009

Bring on the Euphoria

So, thanks to my handy-dandy ads to the right of my blog, I am the newest holder of concert tickets to see Kings of Leon in San Diego and L.A. in August!!!

I have purchased in the past from Ticketmaster and then realized the good seats are all on Stub Hub, but then I realized (thanks to a helpful ad on my own page) that Ticket Tango is the same deal as Stub Hub, but since it's seemingly less well known, the "cheap" tickets don't go as fast.

So - check there first for your concert needs.

Anyway, I'm excited about seeing KOL back to back.... first in SD then LA. They are FANTASTIC live.

For any KOL fans out there, here's a video from their concert at MSG on January 28th. It was so cool to be there for what felt like a homecoming of sorts. Until this latest album came out, they didn't have much of an American fan base, though certainly they had pockets of devoted followers. MSG seemed like the first time they felt some recognition on their home turf, and it was touching to hear Caleb (who is the only one who really talks during concerts, and really, doesn't say much at all) express his appreciation. I was in the pit up close, so I could tell from his expression that he was deeply moved, seeing the sold out Garden. He always seems so open and honest, and it's refreshing to hear him speak.

Anyway, they finished up with some of their big rockers, and "Trani" is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy! Check them out if they tour near you.


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