25 April 2009

Food-Related Thoughts

Picked up a short stack of peanut butter cookies at Malibu Kitchen today... almost $6! They were good, but for some reason, I always leave MK a little unsettled. Not the best customer experience... Everything in there is overpriced. It has the potential to be a nice spot, but for whatever reason, the management doesn't really work to promote an atmosphere conducive for hanging out... I always just want to get in and out and not linger on the patio area.

Before this, I had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich at Coogies (having abandoned my plan to attend the Grilled Cheese Invitational). It was good, but reinforced my position on sourdough bread - Somehow or other, sourdough deviates from the typical bread experience... it's not yummy and I would never eat it in a bread basket. My waitress was nice, though, and I read "Still Life With Woodpecker" while I waited. It's windy and a little chilly today, though, so I didn't linger long there, either.

Thursday I had "Sunny Toast" at Banquette Cafe on Main St. downtown before going to the Nokia Theater. It was cozy and surprisingly bustling. And, they serve breakfast food all day!

400 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013-1314 - (213) 626-2768

I did end up going to CorkBar, and while my wine was good (I got something red from Justin) and the mac n cheese was terrific, I didn't really like the neighborhood. It's in the generic part of downtown right by Staples and it's mostly surrounded with faceless newer buildings and men overzealously directing you to their $7 parking lot. I prefer the areas from Spring to Main and 5th to 7th.

Little Radio is planning to have regular programming in the theater on Main and talk of opening a cafe is in the works. I think that would be really cool! Hope it goes through.


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