09 April 2009

I'm Putting A Cork In It

Corkbar is the really AWESOME looking wine bar that just opened up Downtown. It features all California wines and their menu (which is very reasonably priced) looks fantastic!

I can't wait to get down there!! They have a happy hour during the week that is from 4-7 Monday through Friday. $4 pints (oh yeah, they also have artisanal beer) and half-off appetizers!


  1. *sigh* except they served nearly raw risotto... and the portions were beyond miniscule, not to mention the cheese poppers tasted like foam.

  2. The mac & cheese was great. The rest of the food wasn't as memorable. Had a glass of Justin red wine. Interesting atmosphere, but definitely in a bland part of downtown... surrounded by a bunch of parking lots and men with signs. Within walking distance to Staples and LA Live, but not super close. I think the bar is at the base of an apartment complex, but the area needs to develop quite a bit more to entice me. I'd prefer to be closer to Spring and 4th and 5th streets.

    But, I applaud the effort! Cool idea and great for people who live and work downtown and want to grab a bite/drink after work. Bit of a random crowd in there, but the waitstaff was attractive.

  3. Oh, we need a place like this in Philadelphia!

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