06 April 2009

A Violin To Melt Your Face

Tonight I attended ORGANICA X, the 10th annual organ (read: church music, not kidney) concert performed by Christoph Bull at Royce Hall, UCLA.

WOW! From hymns to "A Day In The Life" to the sexy side of the Bible to choir boys and an opera singer, this was a pretty spectacular show... especially considering I paid under 20 bucks and I bought my ticket this morning.

Christoph is a German organist with a quirky sense of humor and a love of rock n roll. While his performance alongside the light show and the improv painter on stage was pretty zany and fun - and no doubt a must-see for any organ enthusiast - I was most excited by Lili Haydn's violin/vocal performance with Bull during their take on Led Zepplin's "Kashmir."

I'd actually already been a fan of Lili's when I first heard her cover of "Maggot Brain" (if you know the song, you'll just FREAK OUT hearing her violin version) on her album Place Between Places so when I saw she was performing in L.A. today, I immediately bought my ticket online.

She is a total freak in real life, and I mean that as a compliment! She had on a really funky black dress and her hair was down. When she sang she was kind of breathy and she waved her bow and violin in the air, but man, when she played, she was INTENSE! More than once I've heard her called "the Jimi Hendrix of violin"and I couldn't agree more.


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