07 April 2009

Fashionably Late

I love wearing hats, I love this pretty pink color and I totally dig the notion of a house coat! Right on!

I don't follow fashion, except, of course, to notice the spreads in the various fashion magazines I occasionally peruse. I love fashion, but I don't keep up with trends, and I try not to follow them. I am more of an appreciator of creativity and proportion and flattering colors. (I'm sure on some very real level I'm influenced by trends, but I don't pay attention to "rules"... I do what makes me happy.)

Apparently I am pretty out of the loop, though, because I saw photos of Jason Wu's spring and fall 09 collections and really, really adored some of his pieces! Little did I know he is the designer du jour, what with his frocking ladies of the moment - Michelle Obama and Freida Pinto.

So, damn.

These are my favorite pieces. To be honest, I don't really like any of the others much because I think some of the hemlines and waistlines obscure the figure too much and look a little frumpy. These, though, are spectacular!

Killer shoes all around. (Plus, these models don't look ill, which is always a good thing.)


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