06 April 2009

Cheap Eats; or, My New Favorite Restaurant/Bars That I Would Still Go To No Matter The Cost

Santa Monica
  • Anisette - great food, wine, cocktails, but I love it for the decor and the nice feeling of sipping a glass of wine at the bar. Cute waiters, too.
  • Bodega - $20 bottle of wine Tuesdays, and they just added a beet salad to the menu that I LOVE. Relaxed, unpretentious.
  • Cole's - even though it's a little far from Malibu, my friend and I are now regulars at Varnish, the speakeasy in the back. Cole's, though, should not be overlooked as a bar in its own right. Yes, everyone knows about the French Dip, but did you know about their extensive collection of gins and lagers? Further, there is nothing better anywhere than the baked mac and cheese and it's super cheap... like $3. Usually good music playing, too. And none of that West Hollywood riff raff. (Except maybe on Saturday's... but I don't go out then anyway anymore)
Silver Lake
  • Malo - $1 tacos on Mondays, fantastic margaritas (not so cheap), and the CHEWY CHIPS!!!! ahhhhhh! More of a hipster crowd, I guess, but nobody's keeping track.


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