07 April 2009

Cool For School

Someone going by the name 'sparkle' has proposed a new class for The Public School called "A Space For Fashion" that I think sounds like an interesting concept to explore...

Sparkle describes it thus:
Fashion and style, the solidification of both mundane and extraordinary social performances. A handshake, a hug, the kiss on the the cheek, the kiss on the lips and the cheek. Punk rock attitude and the clothes to match. This class looks at theory and examples of the way in which our cultures create specific relational aesthetics based on the ways we dress. 1 class, maybe two. Reading, intelligent discussion.

How The Public School works is, someone proposes an idea for a class, people browse through proposed classes and mark which ones they are interested in, then when a certain quota is met, a teacher is found and the class is scheduled! Sort of like a create-your-own/community forum think space that results in a group of interested individuals meeting to explore/discuss/create. Any topic you can think of can be proposed... neat idea, huh?


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