04 February 2010

L.A. Bus Tours: Not Just for Star Homes

In a well-advised move, the Los Angeles City Council announced today that it has rejected a proposal that would have eliminated funding for its $4 million-dollar-a-year art grants program. The proposal sought to discontinue the 1% earmarking of hotel room charges, in place since 1989. The Angeleno art community rallied to ensure such a rejection, urging art enthusiasts and citizens to participate in a letter campaign to the council, organized by Arts for L.A., an art advocacy group. ForYourArt, which produces maps and a weekly newsletter promoting patronage of the arts in Los Angeles, had posted the following appeal on its website, excerpted here:
As you know, arts and culture are important economic drivers for Los Angeles, and are an important part of our economic recovery... With no plan for reinstituting this dedicated source of revenue, this motion could mean the end of public investment for arts and culture for generations to come.
Now that the threat to the art grants program has been removed, the council can continue its important support of such landmarks as the Watts Towers and programs such as the MAK Center's upcoming "How Many Billboards? Art in Stead" project, a large-scale urban exhibition which debuts new work of 21 contemporary artists across billboards this Friday. This 5-week project will feature a special exhibition at the MAK Center, as well as bus tours for viewing the billboards across town.

Check out the map of the billboard locations, and plan to get out to see the art! Now you'll know what you're staring at while stuck in traffic.

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