03 February 2010

Silver Lake's BYO Produce Phenom

Forage operates under a similar mindset as the Fallen Fruit collective: engage the community in the hunt for locally grown food. If you're a "home grower" of oranges, herbs, avocados, or exotic citrus, the Silver Lake restaurant is "actively foraging" for your "home crop". The chef announces via website "Forage me this!" with plans to create any number of delicious creations out of locals' "miniharvests". Once they've reported their goods by emailing Amanda, local foragers can redeem their crops for restaurant credit. Genius!

Foraging updates are also posted on the website, announcing any and all news relating to the forage process:



Status: In the Kitchen / On the Menu
Many home growers have been either reporting their lemon crop, or bringing in their lemons. The community has a lot of lemon trees. Now we have a lot of lemons. We've got lemons in the kitchen and they will be making it on to this week's menu.
Update: Lemon forager Sonja/Sonya, if you are reading this, or if anyone who knows you is reading this, we are looking for the spelling of your name. When we put your item on the menu, we want your name to be spelled correctly.
Update: Spelling of Sonya's name has been confirmed. Her lemons are on the menu as Sonya's Silver Lake Lemonade.
Update: Lemon Meringue Pie: Local lemons participate in this decadent conspiracy of tangy citrus curd and dreamy clouds of meringue, all embraced in a butter pastry crust.

3823 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

You can follow Forage on Twitter.

UPDATE: Here's a look at this week's menu highlights.


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