03 March 2009

Bee Yourself, You False Indigo

So, lately I've been hearing a lot about the tremendous benefits of incorporating BEE POLLEN into one's diet. This microscopically small substance, picked up and delivered from flower to plant by our friends the bees, is apparently good for boosting energy levels, muscle growth, smoothing skin, etc. etc.

I'm all for that, and it sounds like a great idea. Just dump a teaspoon into my morning smoothie.

But, what about the bees? They are under a lot of strain, and in many areas, are beeing wiped out. (Sorry, couldn't resist. This is no laughing matter.) We couldn't live in a world without bees.

So what can you and I do to help out the little guys?

I found a great website that lists some pretty doable options. The easiest way to help bees is to buy organic! 

And while you're in the mood to save the world, why not make it a bit more beautiful - plant a native flower in your window box! :)

Here's a great list of recommended plant species native to the Santa Monica mountains. The above photo is of False Indigo, a gorgeous flowering bush native to Malibu that I hadn't even HEARD of before checking out this list. 

p.s. Don't have bee pollen if you know you are allergic to pollen. 


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