02 March 2009

Rainy Day Blonde, Hollywood-Style; Or, Pick Yourself Up, Malibu-style (no, dunce, not "Promises")

Don't let all this rain get you down. (The Man, the economy and the fact that Greed is only a fake perfume are doing a good enough job of that.)

So, ditch your blues, and dye your hair blonde. Apparently a simple change in the color of your tresses can immediately (and cheaply) boost your fun-factor. (It's science. Check out Sassy Bella, if you don't believe me.)

Once you've successfully performed a DIY home job on your bob, get out and catch some flicks. Check out all the great film festivals coming up this month in Los Angeles and support new talent in the process!

Friday, March 6
6-7:30 Cocktail hour at A+D Museum (love them!)
7:30-10:30 Program & Q/A at LACMA's Bing Theater
10:30-12 Reception & Award Presenation at A+D

Thursday, March 19
Stanley Kramer Theater
1438 N. Gower St. | Hollywood | 90028
5:45 Documentary Program
7:30 Short Program
8:45 Feature Presentation
Reception following screening

Still got the blues?
Okay, drama queen. Here's what you need to do:
Get yourself over to apowerfulnoise.org and purchase tickets for you and all your girlfriends to see "A Powerful Noise." This documentary film will be screened in over 450 theaters across the country and is happening in conjunction with International Women's Day. Following the documentary, a live panel of awesome women will discuss the problems (and solutions) facing women and girls in struggling countries. Not only will you get to hear Natalie Portman, Madeleine Albright and Christy Turlington talk about important issues (and see what they're wearing), but hopefully focusing on broader topics beyond yourself will help put a few rainy days in perspective for you.

In fact, I think this is such a great idea, everyone should go!
Step Up Women's Network is hosting a screening with Sarah Michelle Gellar at the Century City 15. For more information and to see listings in a city near you, click here.

For all you LA people, here are the deets:
A Powerful Noise
Thursday, March 5 | 8PM | Century City 15 | $18/ticket
It is strongly recommended to purchase your tickets online in advance.

:::Souring Economy Tip of the Day:::
Sign up for Netflix through B of A's "Add It Up" program, and get $28 back! That's almost 2 months of free DVDs, right to your door!

There, I've given you 4 rad ideas on how to get through this rough time. You love me, I know.


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