01 March 2009

Join me in The Living Room

Today I had the Traditional Tea at the Beverly Hills Peninsula with my mom, sister, grandma and aunt. We sat in the yellow damask sofas in front of the fireplace. 

I believe I've been to the hotel before, but what a beautiful, cheery space the "Living Room" is! The service was great - we had at least 4 people helping us, and our waiter was very accommodating! (He had the chef make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and turkey sanwiches for my little sister... though funnily enough, she got PBJ, and PBT!) The tea service was delightful - hand-painted tea cups and plates with whimsical floral designs... in various colors: pink, yellow, lavender, blue. 

We passed on the champagne and the caviar, but did decide to keep the strawberries and freshly whipped cream! What a difference between real cream and Reddi-Whip! None of the fumes of the spray can. Delicious and scrumptious scones, sandwiches and spreads... my favorite is always the clotted cream! Our sandwiches were a grilled veggie, chicken salad with almonds, smoked salmon and egg salad. Nice selections of sweets, as well: shortbread cookie, cream puff, madeleine, tiramisu.

Great ambience, wonderful service, and even a harpist!

Nice treat for a Sunday afternoon. :)


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