01 April 2010

Chocolate Box Cafe

Three words that will change your [gastronomical] life: CHOCOLATE BOX CAFE. They opened a location in the Malibu Lumber Yard (no longer a lumber yard, but a micro outdoor high-end shopping center) a few months ago, and I have been back for repeated visits. Not only do they offer an assortment of beautifully presented truffles and nougats and dips and glazes - they also have tea sandwiches, salads, gelato, and the real kicker: violet-infused hot chocolate!!! There are several other essences you can add to your hot chocolate, including lavender, orange, oriental coffee, mint, cinnamon, earl gray (I think I'll try this one next!), bittersweet, ginger, green tea, chili pepper, jasmine, and caramel. Whoever thought of this concept is a genius and a saint.
Post-script: The Chocolate Box Cafe is hosting an Easter party this Saturday! I may have to stop by for a little pre-Easter goodness.


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