29 April 2010

Malibu Monkey Lemonade

Lately I've been on a lemonade kick, and by lemonade, I specifically mean the balsamic lemonade made from organic, local lemons by Matthew "Malibu Monkey" Gibbons. This lemonade is so fresh and zesty, I can't get enough! That being said, this lemonade is UNLIKE ANY OTHER you will ever find. First of all, it comes in a large 1 quart bottle, which in and of itself it worth mentioning; the bottom of the label reads: "1 QUART (SCREW THE METRIC SYSTEM. USA #1!)". The hilarity of the label (which is about 500 words long and spans the whole bottle) rivals the deliciousness of the taste, and made me a fan for life. It's only sold at Vital Zuman Organic Farm near Heathercliff on PCH and The Chocolate Box Cafe in the Lumber Yard. Pick up a few bottles - you will be funding an independent film project, as well as organic farming. Woot! Also available to order online via Malibu Monkey Lemonade.


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