01 May 2010

Eco-Friendly Swimwear

I recently discovered the clothing line LOYALE, and am so excited to have found it! It's ecologically-conscious clothing that is actually chic. I so applaud its designer Jenny Hwa for her philosophy and community-outreach. Did I mention that this line includes swimwear? I am not talking generic bikinis here; the Hermosa suit is so cute, eco or not, I want it! It has a flirty, retro vibe without looking like a costume. According to the website, the S and M sizes have sold out, (no word on larger sizes), so all that is currently available is size XS. Also, after having seen $100+ swim suits set the standard for years, I'm happy to report that this one retails for $84. What a steal!

I also love that the collection galleries are preceded by a blurb about the inspiration for the look, and followed by the mood soundtrack. Happy to see Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree featured in the Fall 2009 gallery.

Addendum: Apparently I don't keep well enough tabs on Vogue, because this very suit was featured in the March 2009 issue. That was a year ago! Oh, well.

Oh, so apparently I'm REALLY not alone on this one. Wow, I'm usually not so aligned with other fashion weighers-in. Here LUCKY magazine declares it their "obsession":


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