02 May 2010

INCOGNITO With Jason Bentley

After I graduated college, I was an intern at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Every now and then I'll stop by GRACIE to check out the funky jewelry and merchandise or help out at an event. Last night I volunteered for SMMoA's annual exhibit and benefit sale INCOGNITO, which features what is definitely the coolest way to sell original artwork (made specifically for this event). Over 700 artists - big name, emerging, local, and international - submitted an 8" by 10" two dimensional piece and signed the back. The fun part is, the identity of the artist isn't revealed until after the piece has been purchased! The whole point is to "trust your instincts" and just buy what you like. Most of the pieces, which were selling for $300 plus tax, sold, and there is a sale of the few leftovers going on at SMMoA today with $10 admission.

Anyway, I was working near the DJ booth, which was manned by none other than KCRW's Jason Bentley, he of the melted-butter voice on "Morning Becomes Eclectic". I geeked out a bit when he arrived and actually did a double hand wave to greet him. (I KNOW.) He said "Hi" and quietly set up his Macbook, while I regained my composure. A couple times throughout the evening I chatted with him a little about some of the songs, and it was so great to talk to somebody who knew way more about music than I did. At one point, though, the thrill of his presence was eclipsed by the sound of a familiar voice streaming out of the speakers...

I hadn't heard this song before. But I could distinguish "howlin'" in the lyrics. OH MY GOODNESS, was it the B side track of the new Black Keys single that had just arrived in the mail that very afternoon? (As I mentioned previously, I love The Black Keys' music so much that I bought the 45 so I could hear it in all it's glorious vinyl goodness. I still need to get a record player...).

Sans record player, I have't gotten to play it yet. I had seen the unofficial video for "Tighten Up", but I hadn't even heard a bootleg of the B side track, "Howlin' for You." Barely containing my excitement, I asked Mr. Bentley if this was indeed that song, and of course....IT WAS. The best part of the story is that this song is UN-EFFING-BELIEVABLE! What a great night. :)

Here's a nice review here of the 12" single for "Tighten Up"/"Howlin' for You". I'll see if I can find a decent version of it online. UPDATE: The Deluxe version of their new album Brothers, out May 18th, is available for order here. Oh yeah, see you on the road.


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