01 May 2010

In Search of Wheat-Free, Organic Bread

Man, life must be hard for people with wheat allergies. I am not one of them, but I am trying to avoid wheat as an experiment to see if my skin clears up. (It always seems a bit inflamed). I am a devout Ralph's shopper because usually I can find most things I need. However, I'm beginning to really wish there were a Whole Foods in Malibu. PC Greens, which I've blogged about before, is great for hard-to-find health food, but their selection isn't very big and it's pretty expensive. These are the main grocery stores in Malibu: PC Greens, which is south (though technically east) of the pier; Ralphs, which is in the center across from the country mart; Vons, only a few years old, in the Point Dume center; and How's, further north by Zuma. There used to be Cook's, but that is now gone. Sometimes on my way home from work I'll stop by the Whole Foods in Santa Monica, where there are ALWAYS cute guys picking up dinner from the gigantic salad bar. That's where I discovered Rudi's Organic bread. To be honest, it was hard even at WF to find bread that didn't contain wheat. What gives? The documentary Food, Inc. stressed how prevalent corn is in America, but what about the preponderance of wheat? Most cereals, breads, and baked goods have it as one of the first ingredients. And now I'm on a mission to seek out tasty alternatives. I'll keep you posted! Let me know if anyone has any recommendations to try.


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