11 May 2010

Spotlight on SurfMonk (and Tiger Lily)

Today, as summer is slowly extending the daylight (if not the warmth!) of the days, I'd like to highlight SurfMonk, a beach apparel line started by a pair of locals. I initially heard about SurfMonk from my mother, who is friends with the owner, Claudia Taylor. It wasn't until I came across the SurfMonk twitter account that I realized it was all eco-friendly and locally manufactured! That certainly got my attention.

Here's the SurfMonk philosophy:
SurfMonk is 100% committed to sustainable and local manufacturing. Made in Los Angeles, all goods are sweatshop-free, organically dyed and made of raw materials developed without the use of chemicals. We believe in the use of natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of our world.
So, not only can I feel good about buying these products, but they are super cute!! Some of my favorites are below, all of which you can order online here.

SurfMonk also features cool accessories from other brands - my favorite of which is Tiger Lily. My neighbor, Heather Gardner, designs all of Tiger Lily's exquisite, nature-inspired pieces, and I love her stuff. Her feather earrings are featured on the SurfMonk website, but you can also see her whole collection here. Heather was on of the boutique vendors at the Tribute to the Human Spirit Awards gala that I produced last week, and she lent me a beautiful gold/blue Swarovski crystal set of necklaces and earrings for the evening!


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