04 May 2010

HLife Interview of Annie Jubb

I just read a fascinating interview of Annie Jubb, founder of LifeFood Organic, on the Los Angeles-based blog HLife. HLife stands for "Holistic Health for Humanity" and it's mission is "To empower you to take control of your well-being by understanding and maintaining a lifestyle of optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health."

This statement of purpose really resonates with me, especially because it very closely relates to the mission of The Wellness Community, the non-profit where I work. TWC's mission is "To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community."

The interview, conducted by Sylvie and Maryl Celiz, co-founders of HLife, touched on many areas of health, and Jubb's anecdotal, poetic, frank way of speaking about the subject matter is so refreshing!

Here is one of my favorite passages:

SC: How important is lifestyle in health?

APJ: Very important. There were some studies of two islands in which populations lived to be very old. And what they found is that, basically, there are conditions of longevity that need to be met. One of them is laughter and community, that they recognize you for your contribution. The other is partnership with family. Also, dancing. Some sort of purpose, whatever it may be, even if it’s “I grow grains, that’s what I do and do it well,”. And a couple of other factors. The other thing in both of these two little islands is that the water was very highly alkaline. And that’s the basis of Secrets of an Alkaline Body, is that if we create a perfect pH balance – 80% alkaline, 20% acidic – you can live very long lives. Anything from pH 7 and above is alkaline and actually rinses the cells clean of acid. So, what is cancer. Cancer can only be met with two conditions: It has to be an extremely acidic environment – about 4 something – and there has to be an anaerobic environment as well, not much oxygen, the blood has to be very viscous, very slowly moving through the body, lots of artifacts, red blood cells that are really weird shapes (they should be really round and bright). But all of it is completely reversible. I’ve seen people with the worst blood and couple months or a year later, beautiful blood.

I love how how Jubb personifies on the cellular level - calling blood 'beautiful' and earlier in the interview, she calls cancer cells 'fat' and 'dopey'. She's got such a great perspective.

I am really encouraged and heartened to learn of such dialogues going on out there, especially right here in Los Angeles! From my quick perusal of HLife, I can already tell I'm going to be a loyal reader. Finding kindred spirits is always such a joy!


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